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In A Pinch? Make Your Own Gadget Accessories

Plastic Bag iPad Case

To make this handy iPad bag out of plastic shopping bags, all you’ll need is: scissors, 4-5 plastic bags (around 10 for a laptop), wax paper, iron, needle and thread (or a sewing machine if you’ve got one) and you’re ready to go.

First thing’s first. Cut the handles off the bags, and cut the bottom seam off too. Turn the bag inside out if there's a logo on it. The ink will come off when you iron it – and saving the logo makes your case look cooler.

Fold the bag twice so you have eight layers. You can fold horizontally then vertically to create a square, or fold the same way twice to make a long rectangle. Now turn on the iron and also open windows so you don’t get asphyxiated on the fumes when you’re ironing!

Now you’re going to iron the bags. Put one folded bag between two sheets of wax paper and iron. Keep the iron moving at all times. After 20-30 seconds, flip the "sandwich" over and repeat on the other side.

Peel the wax paper away from the plastic bag. Check for bubbles in the plastic; if there are any, don't use it for your laptop case because it'll lead to tears. I found that some store’s bags held up better than others – just keep going until you have enough pieces to make a pouch.

Repeat with all of your bags, until you have many rectangular pieces of strong plastic.

Trim all the pieces of plastic so they’re the same size with nice, straight sides and square corners. Arrange them in a rectangle that's large enough to fit your iPad twice, plus a little extra for a flap. Make sure there’s enough for a seam to be sewn in all around.

Sew the pieces together. Either use a zigzag switch on the sewing machine, or use any hand-stitch to put the pieces together, keeping the stitches on one side of the plastic fabric.

Note: here, you can make an option lining out of sweatshirt material. I opted not to, simply due to the amount of stitching involved. But directions are here ( to add a soft layer of lining.

Now sew a seam around the outside of the bag – leaving one of the short sides open, and flip it inside out. Strap on a little Velcro for the top, and you have a perfectly working pouch for an iPad. You can make these in any size, so if you want something smaller or in a funky shape, the world is your plastic bag oyster!