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DivX Releases 6.8, Adds Multi-Core Support

- On Tuesday, DivX released their latest codec, version 6.8. DivX remains free, with a $19.99 DivX Pro available. DivX is a video codec (coder/decoder). It uses complex mathematical relationships found in image data to compress the video content of the source. Display devices require uncompressed video. A 1920 x 1440 x 32-bit color at 85 Hz will require about 940 MB of data per second to be transmitted to it. With overhead latency, that’s a nearly saturated 10 Gbps ethernet stream of data. If a 2 hour movie were to be stored in an uncompressed format at that resolution, it would take 6,850 GB of storage.

Video compression saves space

Sacrifice quality for space

From the DivX website:

Welcome to DivX Codec 6.8!

Following up on the improvements we added for HD support in the 6.7 release, we’ve added additional optimizations to our decoder to take full advantage of multi-core computers. These latest advances allow the decoder to perform up to 50% faster on multi-core machines making HD content playback even better!

Additionally we have added the option to utilize custom quantization matrices into our encoder. This will allow you die-hard perfectionists to fine tune the encoder for specific content types such as anime or CGI.