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Ditto Wants to Be Your Wearable Smartphone Notification Center

We've all experienced the panic of missing that important call because your smartphone was at the bottom of your bag. Or worse, after getting home, you notice you left your smartphone on a restaurant table. Mobile technology company Simple Matters is looking to alleviate that sense of panic with Ditto: a tiny $30 wearable that relays smartphone notifications to you via customizable vibrations, including alerts for when you misplace or walk away from your phone.

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When asked why Ditto doesn't already come with fitness tracking abilities - features that would certainly make sense for such a small, portable device - co-founder of Simple Matters Bob Olodort said the company wanted to keep things simple and provide the typical smartphone user with an answer to a common problem. "We think there's a vast majority of people out there with smartphones that don't want more technology for technology's sake."

But although Ditto doesn't have extra features right now, Olodort isn't ruling out added functionality in the future. Aside from possibly allowing smartphone users to find solace when putting their phones away, Ditto has the potential to be a multipurpose tracking sensor. Its minute size and discreet design make it easily portable and easily hidden, while staying close to the body - all important factors that could contribute to the next wave of wearable devices.

Ditto has another major perk - it lacks any charging cables because its battery can last between four and six months. Ditto is always on, and you'll get an alert from Ditto's companion app (available for iOS and Android) when its coin cell battery needs to be replaced.

While I would have liked to see a discreet wearable with more than just notification powers, Ditto makes it easier for you to know if you should grab your smartphone to attend to an alert or leave it in your pocket. Simple Matters is hoping Ditto appeals to everyday smartphone users, rather than just tech enthusiasts, not only with its basic features but also with its price. You can order Ditto for $30 via its Kickstarter campaign, which starts today and runs through Nov. 25.