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DirecTV Now's Discount Pricing Ends Jan. 9

If you've been considering the DirecTV Now streaming service, that tick-tock sound you're hearing is the clock counting down on its discounted pricing tier. While we didn't particularly like the service when we tested it out, the standout $35-per-month Go Big package (which offers more than 100 channels) will rise to $60 after Jan. 9.

If you sign up before Jan. 10, you'll get locked into the $35 version of this package, but if you wait, your only option at that price will be the "Live a Little" plan. What do you lose by only living a little? For starters, you don't get the films of the Sundance and FX Movie channels, and nor do you receive the informative content of BBC World News and the Weather Channel.

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Sports-lovers may have the most to lose by waiting until January 10, as NBA TV, the Tennis Channel, the MLB Network and the NFL Network can't be found in the Live a Little plan either. It gets worse, though, as regional sports networks (such as local Fox Sports channels and the Yankees' YES network) aren't offered in the Live a Little plan.

Fans of children's animation could also revolt if you saddle them with the Live a Little tier, as it doesn't have NickToons, which is found in Go Big. At the same time, the entry-level option still packages Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr.

We were generally dissappointed with DirecTV Now in our full review, due to its buggy performance, limited platform availability and inconsistent video quality. We did praise its wide channel selection, however, and now's the best time to take advantage of that selection for a decent price.