Finally, There's a Smart Doorbell We Want to Buy

Senior Writer

If you're tired of coming home to UPS notices that you've missed a package delivery, or don't want to go to your front door when solicitors show up, there's a new smart doorbell that may be for you, and it's now up for backing on Kickstarter.

The simple, $160 Ding doorbell can let you know when someone's at your door regardless of where you are via Android or iOS mobile app. It's not a full-on video and intercom system like the Ring. It's installed by screwing a button into your door frame or wall and connecting a fabric-covered speaker inside your home via WiFi.

Credit: Ding ProductsCredit: Ding Products
You'll use the app to talk to your visitor, buying you time if you're cooking in the kitchen or otherwise need a moment to get to the door. Or if you're away from home, you can get a call or message notifying you that someone is ringing your bell, and perhaps tell a delivery person to leave your package on your porch.

An extra nifty feature is the ability to silence the chime via the app. This is a nice perk to have when someone at home is sleeping.

Ding is currently available at a discount on Kickstarter for those who pledge $119 or more for one setup. It's expected to ship to backers next August.