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Not Your Grandma's Digital Photo Frame

Frames of the Future

Digital photo frames have become a holiday gifting staple. Younger generations think of the digital photo frame as a charming idea for parents or grandparents, and promise they’ll help keep the photos on the new frame (with its paltry bit of internal storage) up to date with new family portraits and vacation pictures.

 “Digital Picture Frame” is the tenth most popular holiday shopping search term on Google. Prices have come way down, too. A basic 7-inch frame from a non-name brand goes for about $50. Some accept only camera memory cards, while others can display photos from USB drives as well.

But while these basic frame models have gone mainstream by ending up in every living room in America, the frame-makers have been busy creating ever-fancier devices. So, just what has been going on at the top of the line? The biggest innovations have been in the areas of screen size, screen materials, and Internet connectivity options. The pricing on these high-end digital frames makes them all but invisible to consumers looking for a nice holiday gift, but like all technologies, we know that the high-end products of today will eventually end up in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart.

So, today we look at three of the priciest digital frames, with the knowledge that at some point soon the technologies in these frames will probably be standard.