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Dell Denies It's Getting Into Handheld Games

There have been rumors milling about the interweb that Dell is planning to launch its own handheld gaming console, similar, say, to the PlayStation Portable or thereabouts. The hysteria and mass panic at this idea was inspired by comments made by Dell head of gaming products, Abizar Vakharia; who apparently said of a handheld console: "You know, that's definitely one that's on the radar screen, but we have no plans to talk about anything today."

So Dell has today released a clarification to Reg Hardware that "Dell is constantly evaluating new technologies. However, we have no plans to launch a Gaming handheld at this time." Which, err, if you read both statements pretty much says the same thing.

I think we can assume that Dell won't be releasing a handheld gaming console tomorrow; nor that it will be going to the extraordinary lengths of Sony to produce their own troublesome and expensive format on which to base any console. However a UMPC type device isn't out of the question at some stage. Dell might even be able to pay the electricity bills, if they manage to knock out something that can actually earn them bonus money.

Either all that or Vakharia has been fired. The way Dell is going these days, who knows? The only thing that's clear is that corporate doublespeak has kicked in, and internet triple distillation is going crazy to figure out what the company means.