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Dell's Axim X30 PDA Combines Old Look, New Features

MPEG-4 Performance: Video Playback

For this test, Fraunhofer IIS provided a video player that is optimized for wireless MMX.

The special feature of this player version is that the frame lock can be disabled. In other words, with this player, it is possible to play an MPEG-4 video as fast as it can be decoded by a CPU. The higher the frame rate that is reached in the test, the better the CPU is suited to decoding videos.

However, a higher performance CPU can also be interpreted to the effect that it is better suited to playing videos with a greater than QVGA resolution jitter free.

The results of this test are very impressive. Even with a core speed of only 208 MHz, the MPEG-4 video in QVGA resolution was still played back jitter free on the Axim X30.

Game Performance: Pocket Quake

Regarding the graphics performance, the mid-class model of the X30 doesn't set any new standards due to the relatively low CPU speed.