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Dell's Axim X30 PDA Combines Old Look, New Features

Only Average: Accessories

Regarding accessories, the mid-range model of the X30 ($279/€312) won't surprise you. Besides a well-designed pen, a protective case that can be attached to your belt and a USB sync cable, there are no other accessories in the package.

The X30's pen represents a practical design element

The protective case is made of leather and protects the PDA effectively against mechanical damage. However, in day-to-day use it didn't prove to be very functional. In addition, the fastening clip is very bulky.

The PDA case is made of leather, but not very functional

A docking station comes standard only with the top model of the Axim X30. Owners of the model with the 312 MHz PXA270 CPU that we tested must invest an additional $34/€46. In our opinion, an additional important accessory is a secondary battery with a high storage capacity (1800 mAh), which according to the Dell Shop costs $100 in the USA, but in Europe it is considerably cheaper at €42. Well, well - it seems that the battery runtime feature is more important and cheaper in Europe.

Besides Activesync, the software package includes the applications Triptracker, Citytime, two games and the Resco Picture Viewer.

Backup is child's play with data backup

Besides the Switcher Bar, the data backup utility is worth mentioning, which lets you quickly and easily back up the PIM software as well as all the data on the memory expansion card or the internal file store.