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Dell's Axim X30 PDA Combines Old Look, New Features

Additional Navigation Tools

It is true that, in principle, menu items or applications can be selected or started with a pocket PC's input pen. However, in many situations, the user may also want other navigation aids such as a scroll wheel or a cross pad.

Fast list navigation by scroll wheel

In the X30, the scroll wheel is to the left on the case. That way you can quickly scroll through the calendar, lists or menus and select menu items. In contrast, the cross pad proves to be the input device of choice, particularly for games.

Memory Expansion

File store: 31 MB for saving data

If the 64 MB of integrated RAM and the additional 31 MB file store is not enough for you to save data and execute programs, then the RAM can be expanded with the help of SD cards.

To the left of the card slot, beside LEDs for controlling the wireless functions

The appropriate SDIO card slot is located on the top of the device.