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Dell's Axim X30 PDA Combines Old Look, New Features

You Can Choose From Three Models

There are three differently configured models of X30. The top model is based on the 624 MHz PXA270 and has an integrated WLAN and Bluetooth module. The mid-tier model we tested has a 312 MHz CPU and runs only half as fast, but still offers integrated WLAN and PAN modules. In addition, Dell offers a barebones model without wireless functionality and with only half as much RAM (32 MB).

The prices for the models, depending on the configuration, are $199/€220, $279/€312, and $297/€342 respectively (as of October 2004).

Although a "PCA" processor is used in the X30 models with the PXA270, Dell limits itself to the basic functions of a PDA/PIM. Actually, the processor was designed by Intel in order to combine even more PDA multimedia functionalities, such as digital camera features.

Dell also decided against a display with VGA resolution in this series of models. With a diagonal of 3 1/2 inches and QVGA resolution (320 x 240 pixels), the screen conforms to the current standard. Fortunately it is easy to read even under direct sunlight.

Like all PDAs based on Windows Mobile 2003 SE, the screen contents of the X30 can also be rotated at the press of a button. This type of display is convenient, particularly when surfing the Internet, scrolling through Excel spreadsheets or playing back videos.

Wide screen display: In landscape mode, watching videos is enjoyable, even on a PDA.