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How to Delete Recordings from Google Home

Illustration: Tom's Guide

Illustration: Tom's Guide

Like many of our technological devices, Google Home keeps track of some information about its use  to make sure that everything is working smoothly, and to be able to diagnose a problem when it isn't. With Google Home, that information includes your queries to the voice-activated assistant; that data helps the device get better at understanding your questions and commands. (In some cases, however, it might also include false positives—recordings of instances where Google Home thought it had heard its wake word, but may have been mistaken.)

In this digital age, many of us take our privacy very seriously, and so Google gives us a way to view and manage that information, making sure that any private  information is not retained. If you find information you would rather remove, you can do so through the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet. Here's how.

Deleting Your Google Home history

1. Open the Google Home app and tap the clock icon near the top of the screen. (You can also tap the menu button in the top left, then tap More Settings, then scroll down to My Activity.)

2. Use the My Activity pane to scroll through the history of your requests.

3. To delete any specific query listed, tap the three-dot icon associated with that card and choose Delete.

4. To remove multiple queries at once, tap the button with three dots in the search box and choose Select.

5. Next, tap the items you want to delete (you can delete individual items or items by day) and then tap the trash-can icon in the top left.

6. To search for a specific query, enter the word in the Search Assistant box. You can then delete all matching queries by tapping the three-dot icon in the search box and choosing Delete results.

7. To look for a query on a specific date, tap Filter By Date below the search box.

8. Choose the date criteria to find all the results for a specific date or range of dates. When you've selected the criteria, tap Apply at the bottom of the screen. You can then delete multiple queries as in Step 4, or delete all results as in Step 6.

9. To quickly delete your entire history, tap the three-button icon in the search box and choose Delete activity by.

10. Select "All time" to select your entire Google Home history, and then tap Delete.