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This Parasol Lights the Night

Parasols are umbrellas for sunny days. They're not enough to stop a downpour, but more than capable of providing shade. They are, however, rather useless at night. Not so the DNSL, or Day Shade Night Light. This unique umbrella concept from designer Yang Ze-Siao not only shields you from the sun, it stores it for later use at night.

Sunlight is gathered by the flexible solar panels and drawn into the batteries hidden in the central pole. Once the sun sets, the DNSL's batteries can then power the OLEDs lining the underside of the parasol. A twist of the parasol's handle allows you to adjust the light's intensity as needed.

Interesting concept, although carrying it around for personal use at night might not seem like a better alternative to a good old flashlight.

[source: Yanko Design]