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DashLink: the iPhone Dock for your Harley

Cruising along the highway on an American classic is a truly one of a kind experience. Unfortunately, it also means keeping both hands tightly on the handlebar. How can you answer your phone or play some great tunes while driving? Hell's Foundry has the answer. Their new iPod/iPhone dock secures your smartphone or music player to the bike while you fulfill your Easy Rider dreams.

Designed for the Glide and Road King touring bikes (or Harley Davidson), the DashLink is a replacement fuel tank console with an integrated docking station. Its smart charging system starts up only when a device is plugged in. You get volume controls on the handlebars as well as a line out for speakers or headphones. Now all you need is some Steppenwolf and AC/DC, and you can rock out and roll out at the same time.

[source: Hell's Foundry]