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Dads and Grads Buyer's Guide: Part 3


Our grand grab-bag of great gifts includes, from left to right and top to bottom: iSee 360i iPod Video Recorder Add-On, Fossil Caller ID Wristwatch, Ridata 4 GB Twister Flash Drive, Trimble AllSport GPS, Corsair 8 GB Flash Survivor GT, Patriot Xporter XT 4 GB Flash Drive, Roadmaster Scrolling Rear Deck Message System, Toshiba TDP-FF1AU Mobile Projector, iSee 360i iPod Video Recorder Add-On, Planon Universal Mobile Charger, Dymo Desktop Mailing Solution, Memorex 12 GB Mega TravelDrive, Unibind PhotoBook Creator, Plantronics Wireless Office Headset System and PlusTek OpticSlim M12 Corporate Mobile Scanner

If you haven't done so yet, please be sure to see our first and second dads and grads buyer's guides for the year. They're loaded with more great gifts.

Welcome to the third and final installment of our annual Dads and Grads Buyer's Guide. This is the place where we try to unite those in search of cool or unique gift ideas with some means of satisfying that particular yen, as they ponder the imminent arrival of Father's Day and the ongoing processions as graduates collect diplomas of various shapes and sizes. Read on to tap into our final set of candidates for your loved ones' big days ahead.

Our last hurrah for this Buyer's Guide includes an interesting grab bag of items. You'll find a powerful, petite, and very portable DLP video projector at the head of our list, followed by a portable iPod dock that adds video playback capability to certain iPod models that lack video functionality. Our cool collection continues with a mobile document scanner that not only captures documents it's fed, but also converts them into a variety of formats including PDF or Word documents, while preserving color and image data.

Next, we dig into a passel of USB storage devices, including a 12 GB hard drive based unit, plus three high-speed Flash devices. The Flash drives are all ReadyBoost capable for those running Vista who might benefit from extra cache - you can never have enough cache, right? After that, we explore some nifty outdoor and sports GPS options available for properly-equipped cell phones or as a complete package for dads or grads who might need a new one.

Then to charge all your small gadgets, we look at a neat and very flexible charger that does its charging using a rechargeable battery. Next in line comes a cool Fossil wristwatch that you can tune into your cell phone number: its shows caller ID info and lets you shunt calls straight into voicemail. And, for those dads and grads destined to spend considerable time in an office, we look at a great extended-range wireless headset system that links to an office phone.

Another iPod accessory follows, as we marvel at a water-tight case that hooks everybody's favorite personal media player up to a pair of speakers, so you can listen in the shower or even take your tunes into the water. Next comes a desktop mailing package the prints labels and stamps; it includes an integrated electronic scale that automatically provides weight information so your stamps are printed with the correct amount of postage, no more, no less.

For those dads and grads with an interest in photography, we introduce a package that helps you print out your photos and bind them in presentation quality covers. We conclude this marvelous mélange of giftworthy miscellany with a scrolling LED message system designed for placement in a car's rear window, to let its users communicate with others on the road. This unit includes numerous stock phrases, but lets its owners add their own text as well (subject to a "profanity filter" no less).

With so many wild and wonderful offerings to choose from, readers should be able to find something for all the grads and dads on this year's list at prices ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Though you may not rush out to plunk down your hard-earned cash for all (or even some) of these items, we hope you'll enjoy reading about them as much as we enjoyed profiling them for you.

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