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Credit Card Phishing Site Found on Sony Servers

Poor Sony hasn’t had an easy time as of late. Between PSN going down, discovering the information of 77 million users had been stolen, facing questions from Congress, and a new password exploit that could see customer’s accounts compromised, the company has certainly been busy fending off a storm of bad PR. Today the company was dealt another blow as it emerged that a credit card phishing scam is apparently running on one of the its servers.

The site, which could be found at up until this morning, was discovered by F-Secure and appears to be imitating an Italian credit card company. According to SlashGear, users are encouraged to enter in all of their details for a card they won’t ever receive. Though the page has nothing to do with the April 20 breach of Sony’s network, it’s certain to raise more questions regarding Sony’s security practices.

Sony has yet to comment on the incident. We’ll be sure to update if we hear anything.