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Creative Labs MuVo²


In the old days, you had to choose. Either you could have a pocket-sized MP3 player with memory, so you were free to move around as you pleased. Trouble with that is, with only 256 MB, you only got to play music for four hours, which is not enough to tie you through your vacation. Or else you could have a hard-drive player and enough capacity to hold your entire music library, regardless of how big it is. But that means the device is too big to fit neatly into a pocket, not to mention what happens at the gym. But now, with the new disk technology, you don't need to choose any more - you get to have your cake and eat it too, although you still don't get the baker along with it. This feat comes at a price, which should eventually drop as production rises. In fact, the price per MB is already better than that of flash memory, which seems to show little indication of falling any further.

Powered By Hitachi

The MuVo² is equipped with a 1" mini-hard drive, the Microdrive with 4 GB, manufactured by Hitachi. The 3K4-4 HMS360404D5CF00 (no less) is currently the biggest 1" drive on the market. There is also a 2 GB version, which has a much higher transfer rate than its predecessor: Hitachi says the improvement is over 70%. Its specs are as follows: the 3K4-4 has a rotation speed of 3600 rpm, a 128 kB buffer, an average access time of 12 milliseconds and a maximum media transfer rate of nearly 100 Mbps. Just as important, its consumption is very low, Creative having chosen the solution of 5-volt power, 16mA on standby and 305mA in write mode. It is a model of shock resistance and its weight is an unbelievable 16 grams.