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This Coupon Will Slash $8 Off Your Amazon Purchases

Today only, Amazon is taking $8.63 off purchases of $50 or more via coupon code "BIGTHANKS".

The discount is Amazon's way of thanking its customers for helping it take the top spot in the 2017 Harris Poll's Reputation Rankings, where the Seattle-based e-tailer earned an 86.27 score. (They're rounding up their score to $8.63 for the discount). This is the second consecutive year that Amazon ranks number one in Harris' poll and it's the ninth straight year it ranks in the top 10.

The discount only applies to items shipped and sold through Amazon. We've gathered a few of our favorite devices, which are now $8.63 cheaper, below.

Amazon Echo Dot ($49.99) + Binder Clips ($0.45) for $41.81 via coupon "BIGTHANKS"

The Echo Dot is just shy of hitting the $50 requirement for the coupon, so bundle it with this pair of cheap binder clips to activate the coupon and drop the price to $41.81. To date, it's the most affordable way to bring Alexa into your home.

Amazon Echo DotView Deal

Amazon Fire TV ($89.99) for $81.36 via coupon "BIGTHANKS"

The Fire TV supports 4K content, features a revamped voice search, and comes with a 75 percent faster processor than its predecessor. The rarely discounted streamer drops to $81.36 after the coupon. Alternatively, you can get the Fire TV Gaming Edition, which comes with a game controller, 32GB microSD card, and two games, for $121.36 after the coupon.

Amazon Fire TVView Deal

Amazon Tap ($129.99) for $121.36 via coupon "BIGTHANKS"

Thanks to a recent firmware update, you can now summon Alexa on the Amazon Tap without having to push any buttons. (Previously, it required users to tap a button before being able to talk to Alexa). That means you can use voice commands on your Tap like you would on the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

Amazon TapView Deal

Amazon Echo ($179.99) for $171.36 via coupon "BIGTHANKS"

The Amazon Echo can stream music, tell you the weather, schedule an Uber, and even track your Amazon packages for you. This Bluetooth speaker is a smart home hub in disguise and though it was cheaper over the holidays, we haven't seen any sale on this item since then.

Amazon EchoView Deal

Amazon's coupon expires February 22 at 11:59 pm PT. It's not valid on video games, digital products, Amazon gift cards, or items ordered via Alexa.