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Cop Tasers and Arrests 10-year-old Girl

A 10-year-old girl refused to take a shower when asked by her mother. Her mother phoned the police, who actually showed up. When Officer Dustin Bradshaw arrived, the girl was on the floor, crying and screaming.

The girl was non-responsive to the police officer's attempts to get her to calm down. She also responded violently every time her mother tried to touch her. It was then that the mother told the officer that he could use a taser on her daughter if he felt the need to do so.

When the officer tried to arrest the girl, she resisted, kicking and screaming, eventually catching Officer Bradshaw in the groin with her feet. The police officer responded by tasing the girl briefly. The girl in question, named by website Mina as Kiara Medlock was immediately placed in handcuffs and driven to a youth shelter.

Officer Dustin Bradshaw has been suspended with pay pending an FBI investigation.