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Comcast Thinks 250 GB Monthly Transfer Cap And Overage Charges


Los Angeles (CA) - Comcast wants to put the brake on its top downloaders and is mulling a monthly transfer cap and overage charges. According to Broadband Reports, the cable Internet company plans on imposing a 250 GB soft cap on transfers and would charge $15 for every 10 GB excess. Customers would get a free pass on one month’s overage in a 12-month period.

The soft cap would affect approximately the top .1 percent of the 14.1 million Comcast customers - about 14,000 customers. While 250 GB may sound a bit low to some people, we did a quick Excel number crunch and found that you would have to sustain nearly 100 kilobytes per second for an entire month to break this barrier. That’s a lot of downloading!

Of course any such plan would necessitate some type of bandwidth calculator or display as to prevent a flood of calls to customer service. Broadband Report’s internal source says there is some talk about having such a tool, but Comcast hasn’t confirmed this point.

Apparently the plan has a lot of internal support and Charlie Douglas, a Comcast spokesman, confirmed the plans to Broadband Reports, but added "We have not made any changes to our current service offerings and have no new announcement to make at this time."

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