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Chromecast Now Comes with $80 of Free Content

Google's Chromecast is already one of the cheapest streaming devices you can buy. From now until April 19, you'll be able to get a little more bang for your buck. Due to a few springtime promotions, you can score about $80 worth of free content, assuming you haven't already subscribed to the services offered.

Check out the Chromecast Offers page to learn exactly what you can get. Right now, if you buy a Chromecast ($32.49 on Amazon), you can get 90 free days on Google Play Music and three free months of DramaFever, which streams Korean TV and movies.

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A Google representative informed Tom's Guide that other offers will include a movie rental from Google Play Movies, a month's subscription to HD concert service Qello, and three months' worth of Sesame Street GO, which provides on-demand videos and games from the popular children's show. Expect them to surface within the next few days.

The offers have two potential downsides. First, they're only available to new Chromecast owners. Unless you purchase your device between today and April 19, you (probably) won't be able to take advantage of them. It couldn't hurt to try, but it may not work.

Second, if you've possessed a subscription to any of these services in the past, you're not eligible to receive free time on it. For example, if you already subscribe to Google Play Music, buying a Chromecast will not give you three free months of it. You can still access all the other offers, however.

Tom's Guide has mixed feelings on the Chromecast, but it's still a recommendable device overall. Eighty dollars' worth of services you may or may not need is probably not enough reason to run out and buy one, but it doesn't hurt.

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