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China Shuts Down 60,000 Porn Websites

More than 60,000 allegedly pornographic websites were shut down, according to a Reuters report. 58 people went to jail for at least 5 years.

China defends the campaign with an approach to "clean the Internet" and protect the "emotional health of children", while others claim that the crackdown is also a smokescreen to erase websites with politically sensitive material.

In a news conference, government officials said that 1.79 million websites were checked in 2010, resulting in more than 350 million deleted articles, pictures and video. 4965 people were under investigation. 1332 were subject to "criminal punishment" and 58 individuals went to jail for 5 years or longer.

There are currently about 450 million Internet users in China, which represents about 20% of the world Internet population, which is estimated to stand at about 2 billion at this time.