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Cell Phone Use Believed To Reduce Male Fertility

Researchers at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario now claim that they have found evidence that while cell phones can increase testosterone levels in your body, they can also decrease the "quality" of sperm and lower male fertility. Specifically, cell phones appear to be impacting the levels of lutenizing hormone (LH), which is an essential reproductive hormone that is secreted in the brain.

“Our findings were a little bit puzzling,” says Rany Shamloul, a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology and lead researcher on the project. “We were expecting to find different results, but the results we did find suggest that there could be some intriguing mechanisms at work.”

Right now, the hypothesis is that electromagnetic waves may be responsible for lower LH levels. They may also block the conversion of this basic circulating type of testosterone to the more active, potent form of testosterone associated with sperm production and fertility, the researchers said.