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Verizon Could Be Bossing Apple Around for iPhone

It's the rumor that will probably never die until the day it's actually truth, but the Wall Street Journal is running the latest "iPhone on Verizon" story – again.

The Journal reports in no uncertain terms Apple making a version of its iPhone that Verizon Wireless will sell early next year. The report also goes on to say that Apple is working on a fifth generation iPhone, which comes as no surprise given its yearly outings, that will feature a different form factor design. What's unclear is whether or not Verizon's iPhone will be of the new design.

What comes as somewhat startling is that Verizon isn't bowing down to Apple's commands. Apple wants to keep the iPhone sold through Verizon and Apple Stores, but not through third-party dealers. Perhaps the most startling is Verizon's insistence that it can still sell content through V Cast to iPhone users.

Apple also supposedly considered a dual-mode phone that could work on both CDMA and GSM networks, but opted to go with a CDMA-only variant with Qualcomm chips, made by Pegatron.

What's still fishy about all this is that Verizon has actually sprinkled cold water on the possibility of the iPhone and drummed up its fondness for Android. There's also that exclusivity contract with AT&T that's originally not up until 2012, but even contracts can be changed.