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16 Camera Apps, Tested


Flixel (free) takes the GIF adventure even further, creating a two-second scene that gets replayed over and over… and over. Like this one. It's a cute idea, and the app has a nice feel to it. You just "draw" over the portion of the image that should move, and the app generates a real-time preview. The starting and ending frames can be hand-selected (out of 20), and looping effects can be adjusted. Flixel has its own social network, and you can also share to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. In the case of my still life, I made a little wiggly line across the screen, and my flowers wiggled.


Usability: 5. This is super-easy to use, considering there are a lot of moving (ha!) parts.

Filters: 3. Flixel sells filters inside the app, but none are free. 

Fun Features/Extras: 5. The GIFs look good, and they’re fun to make.

Ease of Sharing: 5. Easy sharing.