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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Recruits Kevin Spacey

What do military drones, robotic combat suits and Kevin Spacey have in common? They're all a part of "Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare," the upcoming installment in the popular first-person-shooter franchise, due out Nov. 4, 2014. Publisher Activision just revealed the game's first official trailer, which is heavy on action, acting and futuristic tech.

The "Advanced Warfare" trailer is narrated by a fully-digitized Spacey, who looks strikingly like his real-life counterpart. We're not sure what the "House of Cards" star's exact role is in the game, but he puts on one heck of an intimidating performance as he declares that there's no more room for democracy in today's world.

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Gameplay-wise, this is the most futuristic-looking "Call of Duty" yet. The trailer opens with a flock of drones hovering over a ravished city, and the game's soldiers are armed with robotic exoskeletons that allow them to soar over the battlefield with ease.

Ironically, the heightened sense of movement and mech-like combat suits found in the trailer are reminiscent of Respawn Entertainment's "Titanfall," a game made by "CoD" vets that proved to be a serious rival to the blockbuster franchise.

"Advanced Warfare" looks gorgeous running on Xbox One. The clip's war-torn vistas are brimming with detail, especially during a striking scene in which San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge completely collapses. Activision has yet to confirm which other consoles the shooter is coming to, though we wouldn't be surprised to see a wide release on PC, current-gen and older-gen consoles given the series' popularity.

While the bombastic "Advanced Warfare" trailer suggests another playable blockbuster, Activision seems to be making an effort to use its game to explore some actual issues. The company recently released a mini-documentary about real-world private military corporations, which are said to play a major role in the new game's story.

This is only the first of many glimpses we’ll be getting of Sledgehammer Games' "Advanced Warfare." With the single-player campaign trailer out in the open, we expect to see a full reveal of the franchise’s esteemed multiplayer action over the months leading up to the game’s Nov. 4 release.

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