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Butl-R-Bot: The Robotic Kitchen Aid

We already know that robots will be ruling the world in the far far future, but Tim Leeding's Butl-R Bot idea gives insight into what robot will be ruling our kitchens and making us lazier than ever. The Butl-R Bot features "Responsive Artificial Intelligence and advanced technologies" that allow it to cook, clean and float around your kitchen like a magical fairy bringing gifts in the form of sandwiches and clean dishes.

Some of the technology of the Butl-R Bot includes humanetic arms, fan arrays allowing flight and mobility, intelligent cameras and programs that allow the bot to cook order and collect food. In addition to its iron chef abilities, the Butl-R Bot will also manipulate just about any human task in the kitchen such a organizing a fridge, washing dishes or cleaning counters.

Although the Butl-R Bot would make quite the kitchen companion, it may lead to an increased dependance on robotic technology which would only cripple the human race in the war vs machines. How will we partake in the resistance if we can't cook and clean for ourselves?