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Problems With The Serial ATA Interface: The Hard Drive Is Only Good For The Recycling Bin

Even dismantling and re-installing with the cables connected was an exercise in futility. A barely audible cracking noise was our only signal that the Serial ATA cable bracket had broken off from the drive. After that, the hard drive was ready for the trash, because the plastic part that had broken off could not be glued back on - this meant that 160 GB of hard disk capacity was only good for the recycling bin, because the drive couldn't be repaired anymore, even with instant adhesive and a steady hand. It's just good that the hard drive was blank. It would have cost us a few more nerves if there had been important data on it. After a new and an angled cable were used, installing the new drive was easy.

Direct comparison with an intact Serial ATA drive

Learning from past mistakes. An angled cable fits better. The manufacturer should have made a note of that to begin with