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Crazy Gears Still Turn

The video's title says it all: these gears really work? You'll ask yourself the same question as you see this assemblage of irregularly shaped gears. Despite the logical part of your brain screaming bloody murder, they turn, and keep turning with but a simple crank. Is it some form of witchery? Doubtful. These gears are powered not by some form of sorcery, but by the engineering genius of one Clayton Boyer.

It's not just squares, either. Each set that Boyer brings out looks more un-gearlike than the last, and yet, they've been specifically crafted to work just like your plain old circular types. Look out for "Forrest's Shark Bait" at around 1:50. Right around the end, he brings out a set of standard gears, but still manages to put a new spin to it. Kudos to you, Clayton.