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Bouncing off Ideas Has Never Been This Easy

The old-school way: Hit the Print Screen button, paste unto MS Paint or some other program, draw boxes around areas of interest, write notes and draw arrows pointing to related box, save, repeat. Compiling them to be sent to other people is a different animal altogether.

Now comes Bounce, ZURB's latest offering. Bounce is a rather handy app that allows people to 'bounce' off ideas amongst themselves through screenshots and notes; just enter the URL and Bounce will return a URL with screenshot of that page. Click and drag to make an outline then make as many notes as you want. Repeat. See how easy that was?

Bounce is basically a bare-bones version of ZURB's Notable app. Notable is one slick and powerful application a lot of websites can't do without but all that power comes with a price. For quick-n-dirty tasks and casual collaboration Bounce fits the bill well.

From Download Squad