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Boost Tells Subscribers Pay on Time, Get More Data

Being a responsible adult is a thankless role, but Boost Mobile's new initiative gives you some incentive to be diligent. The carrier's new "Growing Data" plans reward customers who make on-time payments with up to 3GB of high-speed data on the company's plans that start at $30 a month.

After every three months of punctual payments, you'll get an extra 500MB added to your high-speed data allowance, up to 3GB extra. This means that those who sign up for the $35 plan with 2GB of data can get a 5GB allowance by the end of 18 months. And that same monthly plan costs only $30 if you join Boost's autopay program, which would seem to increase your odds of making those payments on-time.

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Notably, those on-time payments don't need to be paid consecutively. According to Boost's website, any on-time payments you make will be credited toward your next jump in data, even if you miss a deadline along the way.

Boost also offers a 5GB plan for $45 a month that becomes 8GB by the end of 18 on-time payments. The Sprint-owned discount carrier tied for fifth in our study of the nation's nine largest wireless providers, finishing in a dead heat with MetroPCS. That carrier boasts a faster network than Boost, though MetroPCS's 2GB plan costs $10 more each month. Cricket offers more data, 2.5GB, in its $35-a-month autopay plan, though unlike Boost, it doesn't increase that allotment over time.

Our carrier testing also found that Boost had one of the best phone selections of all the discount carriers, losing only to Straight Talk.

If you're a data shark who can wait six months to get an extra gigabyte added to your allowance, plus you have no trouble keeping up with your bills, the new Boost program sounds like a solid, affordable option.