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How to Book an Uber on Facebook Messenger

Booking an Uber is easy, but plucking your friends out of a crowded bar once your ride shows up? That's a bit tougher. Fortunately, Facebook has made that process a bit less challenging, thanks to a new update to Messenger that lets you request an Uber ride from right within a conversation. It's a simple way to notify all of your friends once it's time to leave, and it only takes a few seconds. Here's how to hail an Uber on Facebook messenger.

1. Open Messenger. You'll need to have Location Services enabled.

2. Select a conversation.

3. Select the three-dots icon above the keyboard.

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4. Select Transportation.

5. If you're new to Uber, select Continue to get your first ride for free ($20 limit). If not, select "I already have an Uber account."

6. Create your account, or log in with your Uber credentials.

7. Tap Allow.

8. Set your location and destination, and tap Request.

9. You're all set. You and your friends will be notified once an Uber is requested, and again once the car arrives.

  • InFinnity
    very cool but i don't think too many people will use it.