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Hands-free Tie Lets You Talk Classy

Designer Wooteik Lim has come up with a hands-free headset concept that is designed to function better than current headset technology while simultaneously allowing you to look classy. Although the Tie Up might just look a little more like a stethoscope if there are headphones involved, Lim's idea provides an interesting alternative to the standard hands-free headset tech.

Even though plenty of people opt to go with the bluetooth method, traditional headsets save phone battery and are usually cheaper than their bluetooth counterparts.

By placing the mic of the headset right below our mouth, the Tie Up is designed to give better clarity and communication than other headsets and hopes to clean up any wire clutter that might happen with one eared hands-free headsets. To call or end a call, you just simply pull down or up the wire attached to the triangle head while volume is controlled by rotating the triangle head.