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Over 2.7 mil Blu-Ray Players Sold

The Blu-ray Disc Association says that through November 24, over 2.7 million players have been sold, but it did not break down how many of those were Playstation 3 consoles, reports Video Business.

The trade publication reports that abour two million PS3 units were sold through October, and at least 300,000 were sold last month with the advent of a price cut and an even lower-priced PS3 model.

The statement comes a short while after the HD DVD Promotional Group gave its latest sales figure of 750,000 HD DVD players sold. The Toshiba-fronted format has always held the price advantage, with players that are now permanently marked at under $200, more than half of the cheapest Blu-ray player.

Many consider this holiday season to be the beginning of the final decision over format dominance. According to Nielsen Videoscan, over the holiday kick-off Thanksgiving week, Blu-ray players outsold HD DVD by a margin of 3-to-1.