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Blockbuster's 99 Cent Rentals; Yawn

The announcement came just in time to start the Holiday season early. Unfortunately, Blockbuster is somewhat behind the times as far as movie rentals go. Users who are familiar with Netflix’s service will know that DVD rentals can be ultra cheap. With an Unlimited plan that costs $8.99, Netflix customers can rent as many DVDs as they want per month. Tack on another dollar, and Blu-ray movies become an option.

At this time, Blockbuster’s plan only works for movies that aren’t new releases. For hot new movies, prepare to shell out a whopping $5 per movie.

Netflix recently launched its new online streaming service, that allows any of its plan subscribers to instantly watch any movie that the company has in its library.

With services from competitors like these, it’s no wonder that Blockbuster is having a difficult time maintaining its pool of customers. Who goes out to a store to rent a movie these days anyway?