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Blizzcon's Starcraft Ghost Sports Glowing Armor

In the old days, a convention meant a bunch of stodgy suits talking about quarterly shares or market strategies. These days, it means a sweaty, cacophonous bazaar filled with people appropriately dressed for the next science fiction movie. Yes, conventions are a time for people to show off their most creative costume work. You'll see all types, from superheroes to girly anime emo boys, and in the case of this year's Blizzcon, characters from its ludicrously popular videogame franchises. So far, the best cosplay from that convention may just be this Starcraft Ghost.

While the fiddly plastic molded over a Lycra bodysuit may seem standard fare for serious cosplayers, our little Ghostess here has upped the bar. Those glowy bits on her forearms and shapely hips are real, working lights. Which is kinda counter-productive, once you realize that the Ghost is supposed to be a stealth unit. But hey, if you're gonna get a nuclear warhead to the face, might as well get it from a smoking hot Lady Ghost, right?

[source Unreality magazine]