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BlackBerry World: Six Ways RIM Messed Up Its Own Party

RIM Diluted Itself By Opening Up To Competitors

The real power behind the BlackBerry is its server-side offering, BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). It offers all kinds of security, management and collaboration services that Android and iOS just can't touch and was a major strategic advantage of RIM's.

Well, not any more. RIM announced that BES and BESX (Express edition) will now manage not just BlackBerry smartphones but iOS and Android devices, too. Some may welcome the opening of RIM, but at the same time, it also says that what made RIM special, unique and worth the money is fading fast.

With its market share and sales falling, RIM needed to make some drastic moves. It won't shrivel up and die tomorrow but it is on a trajectory very reminiscent of Palm, and look at what happened to them. I don't think its competition's software running on its hardware is the answer.