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BlackBerry World: Six Ways RIM Messed Up Its Own Party

Yes, We Support Flash/No We Don't.

While I criticize RIM for shipping the PlayBook too soon and without software, I have to say their TV ads have been outstanding and do a great job of making the device seem appealing. The BlackBerry ads have also been stellar.

The latest ads use Queen's "Flash Gordon" track and make a ton of hay out of the built-in Flash 10.1 support in the PlayBook, something the iPad does not have because Apple deemed it unworthy.

According to reports from BlackBerry World, RIM's Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis pointed out at least a dozen times how important Flash is for a real Internet experience and brought up Adobe's CEO for some mutual backslapping over the Flash and AIR support in the PlayBook.

But Lazaridis didn't mention on stage that the new BlackBerry OS 7 won't support Flash. It will use HTML5 for embedded video playback, just like the iPad/iPhone.

Time for a collective facepalm. The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing.