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RIM Giving BlackBerry Messenger to Android, iOS?

Ask any BlackBerry user about what he or she loves about her phone over other smartphones, and many times you'll hear that it's the BBM that keeps him or her locked into the world of RIM.

While there are alternative chat clients for iOS and Android, such as WhatsApp, nothing is still as good as BBM. Given that RIM has always positioned the BlackBerry as a communication tool, this focus isn't surprising.

Of course, those who want something near that experience on Android or iOS must seek alternatives – though that could soon change if rumors that RIM is opening up BBM are true.

The Boy Genius Report claims to have a source that say that RIM is looking to expand its BBM service to the Android platform, and then iOS after that. This move could be a bit strange as it could affect the exclusive nature of BBM for just BlackBerry users, but interoperability could also be seen as a way to allow BlackBerry software technology to reach a wider audience.

The report also goes on to say that the version of BBM for non-BlackBerry devices will be stripped down and only offer basic functions. For true BBM, it will still be best on BlackBerry.