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How to Buy the BlackBerry Key2

BlackBerry may not be the dominant brand of old, but it still has its fans, particularly with the return of smartphones with physical keyboards bearing the BlackBerry name.

If you're among the folks who longs for the feel of a phone with a physical keys, you'll be able to order the new BlackBerry Key2 soon.

TCL, which now builds BlackBerry's phones, says that pre-orders will begin for the recently unveiled BlackBerry Key2 next Friday (June 29). The $649 phone will be available through Amazon and

BlackBerry Key2View Deal

Full sales of the BlackBerry Key2 begin July 13 at those two online retailers and in select Best Buy stores.

We got a look at the BlackBerry Key2 earlier this month when TCL unveiled the new phone. Highlights include bigger keys than we saw on last year's BlackBerry KeyOne with a new matte finish. A shortcut key just to the right of the space bar works with the other keys to trigger time-saving actions. And the Key2 features dual rear cameras, an upgrade from the KeyOne.

You'll be able to order the Key2 in either silver or black. The phone works with GSM-based networks such as the ones AT&T and T-Mobile operate. (In other words, you're out of luck if use the CDMA networks of either Verizon or Sprint.)

In our hands-on time with phone, we appreciated the additional polish added to the Key2 and found the typing experience more comfortable initially than it was with the KeyOne. We also like the extra RAM that TCL packed into this new BlackBerry phone. We'll have a full evaluation of the BlackBerry Key2 soon.

Image Credits: Tom's Guide

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