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BlackBerrys Get Google Voice, Location Search

One of the biggest problems people have with smartphones (be it BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm Treo or otherwise) is that typing on the keyboard can be a huge pain in the neck, especially when it comes to web browsing.

With all the iPhone gossip to be had in recent times, it's nice to be able to write something for those of you who aren't hanging on every post about the new release from Apple. Today Gmail for Mobile announced a nifty new improvement designed to help BlackBerry users get the most out of the application: Voice and My Location based searching.

Basically the changes are designed to eliminate typing from your Google searches as much as possible. My Location searches are designed to help you figure out where your nearest Starbucks is rather than having you type in Starbucks, North Dublin.

Equally handy for searching is the voice tool which eliminates the problem of misspelled searches. Unfortunately it’s not yet available for the Storm and there’s no indication as to when it will be. While we didn’t think this would be such a huge issue (after all there are tons of other less recent BlackBerrys that are compatible), nearly all the comments on the post are from people griping about how they want this for their BB Storm.

  • jerreece
    Course, if you release a new feature like this it only seems obvious you should support your newest products (BB Storm, BB Bold, etc).
  • billin30
    Yeah they are pissing me off. I just got a new storm and it seems like they would release the plazmic 4.7 development kit in conjunction with the release of the new phones. But of course not, I am stuck using a shotty theme. I love it when it is working, but of course there are bugs because it was made on the beat 4.7. This is just not that hard of a concept. If a new product needs new software for creating new apps and themes, then release it when the product comes out...