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Empathy Tweets Emotions via Mood Ring

Blackberry is the stuffed-shirt, big brother version of the the iPhone: it may not be as pretty, but it sure will do everything you need done, like make calls, send text messages, or forward emails. It's efficient, but its more like an unfeeling corporate monster than the friendly-gadget reputation that the iPhone gets.

It's interesting then that one of the most innovative results from Blackberry's most recent workshop at the Art Center College of Design is not based on increasing productivity. The Empathy works on something else Blackberries aren't known for: strengthening your social network.

This concept Blackberry by Kiki Tang & Daniel Yoon doesn't doesn't arrange your business schedule as much as it maps out your online social relationships. As a plus, it lets your Facebook or Twitter friends know exactly what your feeling via the accompanying mood ring.

It's definitely not something we'd expect from the all-business Blackberry. Then again, with social networks dominating the Internet landscape these days, having a good measuring stick of your acquaintances' personalities may just help you make the right kind of business decisions. Now that's something we'd expect from Blackberry.

[source: Yanko Design]