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Armed Robbers Steal 100 Copies of COD BlackOps

Every new Call of Duty game is a highly anticipated release, but the latest Black Ops chapter that is set to release on Tuesday was so hot that robbers stole 100 copies of the game from GameStop before launch day.

At least two men, wielding handguns, hit a GameStop in Harford County just around closing time on Saturday night. Both the staff and the two unlucky customers were forced into the storage area, but were thankfully unharmed.

The robbers fled in a white minivan, which investigators believe may link this robbery to a previous GameStop holdup in Aberdeen.

The robbers made off with four cases filled with Call of Duty: Black Ops. Police are now asking for residents to call the sheriff's office if they were offered a copy of the game prior to the release date.

Source: Baltimore Sun