BioShock Surfaces on iOS Devices

BioShock has been out for seven years, but on the off-chance you haven't played the classic video game yet, it's about to get much more accessible. 2K Games announced today that the steampunk shooter will make its way to iOS in the near future.

The information comes from 2K's Twitter feed, which posted a photo of BioShock's iconic cover art with the slogan "Return to Rapture." For the uninitiated, Rapture is the underwater city where the game takes place. The picture advertises that the game will be "coming soon to iOS," although it does not specify which versions or devices in particular.

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If you've never played it, BioShock was one of the most beloved games of 2007, and pretty much required playing as far as thoughtful first-person shooters go. The story concerns Jack, a plane-crash survivor who stumbles upon the once-beautiful city of Rapture, now in shambles.

Rapture embraced the anarchic libertarian ideas posited by Ayn Rand and her ilk, and prospered for a time before falling into chaos under the leadership of the dangerous ideologue Andrew Ryan. The game's thematic story, retro-steampunk aesthetic and old-timey soundtrack delighted fans and critics alike, and inspired two sequels.

Whether the game will play well on touchscreens, or come with any additional content, is still up in the air. Also uncertain is what Ken Levine, the game's creator, would think of the decision to port the game to iOS. Earlier this year, Levine disbanded Irrational Studios, which created BioShock, and left the franchise in the hands of 2K Games.

Expect to hear more about BioShock on iOS as its release date — whenever that is — draws nearer.

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  • sunflier
    Seven year old game ported for iOS? I'm shocked.
  • icemunk
    Seven year old game ported for iOS? I'm shocked.

    Only iOS users would be willing to spend $5-10 on a seven year old port of a PC game, that they'll play for 5 minutes on their iPad or iPhone before realizing they need a keyboard and mouse.
  • Smoothie bliss
    Looks like icemunk is a lil butt hurt that android didn't get the game:( it's ok little man. Your balls will drop someday grasshopper