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PAX East 2019: Biomutant's Wacky, Customizable Action Is as Fun As Ever

BOSTON - At Pax East 2019, we got a chance to see a freaky looking fox-raccoon person put the Kung-Fu beatdown in a silly action-adventure game that incorporates genetic manipulation and wacky gadgets.

Biomutant has come a long way since we looked at it last year at Pax West 2018. The newer, more polished build gave us more of an indicator on what to expect in THQ Nordic’s quirky action-adventure, which is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime this year.

Considering that Biomutant offers an odd hybrid of a bunch of different game mechanics, it makes sense that your character is designed the way it is. The new demo focused more on the combat and using your gear and abilities to traverse the large environment.

From the start of the demo, you’ll have a chance to customize your anamorphic fox person, by adjusting an attribute wheel towards the features that matter most to you. I went with an agile character with a touch of strength. This resulted in my character having a more slender frame and beady eyes.

If you’re going with a more strength-focused route, then your hero with have a more stocky, muscular build. This is an early indicator of the type of freedom you’ll have in how you decide to play the game. After I gave him an obnoxious green fur coloring, I was ready to cause some trouble.

The demo started with your makeshift airship getting shot down by some brigands. You fight your way through a post-apocalyptic world bashing bad guys with a dizzying array of weapons, including a rocket-powered gauntlet. When charged fully, you’ll fly through enemies, knocking them around like bowling pins. The fist can also be used to break weakened walls, opening new areas to explore when you’re not beating folks in a Batman Arkham-eusqe style combat.

Early on, I encountered a large baddie with a rocket attached to his back. Once I dodged his attacks and got behind him, I was able to ignite the rocket which launched him around the stage, slamming into other enemies before exploded in glorious fashion. Another big fight involved me freeing a fuzzy hulking beast that took up most of the screen from being captured by poachers. My new friend went on to maul its captors before turning its attention on me.

Biomutant’s world is colorful and fantastical and really leans into its style and combat. The game has sleeper-hit potential written all over it. The fun combat, wild weapons, and mutation elements will definitely be something you’ll want to keep on the lookout for.