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How to Stream Beyonce's Epic VMAs Performance

Last night, MTV's Video Music Awards presented viewers with the same never-ending slog we've come to expect, with one amazing exception: Beyonce took over the show. For more than 15 minutes, the queen of Pop ran through a medley of songs from Lemonade, her visual album that rocked eyes and ears around the world, and gave the audiences watching something positive to tweet about for once.


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Unfortunately, your only option for legally streaming the performance is to visit, which hosts Beyonce's full performance here. I say unfortunately because MTV's still using the terrible, slow, stuttery video player it's forced on users for years. Its options only let users change the user interface, not the playback resolution.

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But 'suffering' through the player is worth it, though, even if you just want to watch the performance again after seeing it last night. Beyonce starts with “Pray You Catch Me” before moving onto “Hold Up,” which featured the return of her favorite weapon: the baseball bat. Around that point, fans wondered if they were going to see the award-winner run through the entire record, as she proceeded to “Sorry” and “Don’t Hurt Yourself.”

The VMAs felt like a Beyonce concert that was stuck with too-long pre-show and post-show coverage.

The performance closed with “Formation,” the song she debuted at this year's Super Bowl halftime show. Much like that sports event, the VMAs felt like a Beyonce concert that was stuck with too-long pre-show and post-show coverage. When she walked off the stage, hosts Key & Peele were flabbergasted and speechless, unable to even tweet.

There's only one other thing you may need to see from the VMAs, though, and that's the new music video Kanye West debuted for his song "Fade." Preceded by four minutes of Kanye's humanizing verbal stumbling, "Fade" featured a Flashdance-esque workout number from Teyana Taylor that had my entire Twitter timeline packing their gym bag in advance.

Just like Beyonce's performance, the "Fade" video can only be viewed from an exclusive source: Jay Z's streaming service Tidal. It's worth signing up for a free trial for, but make sure nobody can see your screen if you're watching it at work. It's not for the faint of heart or those uncomfortable with provocative dancing, skimpy clothing or couples enjoying each other in the shower.