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Come One, Come All! Bethesdaland Delights at E3

LOS ANGELES – Any game company can host a press cnference at E3; how many of them transform a downtown Los Angeles studio into a game-themed fairground, complete with hawkers, games and a Ferris wheel? Bethesda did – and the experience was one-of-a-kind.

The first thing that greeted attendees was a giant Bethesdaland arch, complete with the appropriate theme park music from Fallout 4’s Nuka World expansion.

On the way in, it was hard to miss the enormous Ferris wheel that dominated the fairgrounds.

Bethesda divided the event into different subsections, each one highlighting a different game it discussed during its press conference. There was an area for Fallout…

… one for Dishonored…

… one for The Evil Within 2…

… and one for Wolfenstein II.

The highlight, though, was a domed, intergalactic bar that looked right out of a level in Prey.

Each area had some different tasty food and drinks to sample.

And, of course, Bethesda brought the Chainsmokers, a beloved EDM/pop group, to entertain the crowd.

Bethesdaland was either extravagant or gaudy; delightful or unnecessary, depending on whom you ask. At the very least, there’s nothing else quite like it at E3 2017.