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SRFax stands out from the faxing services crowd with a lowest-tier plan that offers more pages for both inbound and outbound faxes on a monthly basis. It also involves less hassle than the free services — HelloFax, GotFreeFax and FaxZero — that we looked at. Beyond its reasonable pricing structure, SRFax's features and presentation — including mobile browser support — make it a solid choice.

One caveat: SRFax is the only service we reviewed here that has its offices in Canada. As such, its terms of service are governed by the laws of British Columbia. This shouldn't present a problem to most individual users, but it's something business users may want to consider.


SRFax's home plans have three tiers. The lowest-cost tier is the Basic 25 Plan, which costs $3.29 a month (or $3 monthly, prepaid annually) for 25 free pages inbound or outbound, and 10 cents a page thereafter. That's not bad when you consider what you deal with for the free plans from HelloFax, GotFreeFax and FaxZero. For the cost of a latte a month, you gain the inbound number — which none of the free options have — and the freedom to send or receive up to 25 pages a month. For low-volume fax users with occasional faxing needs, this plan could represent the best choice of the lot.

The $6.95 per month Lite 200 Plan (which costs $5.50 when you prepay annually) provides 200 free pages inbound or outbound a month, plus only 6 cents per page overage beyond that. The Standard 500 Plan bumps that up to 500 pages a month. It costs $9.95 a month, or $7.96 if you prepay for a full year.

Pricing scales from there for higher volume plans targeted at business and corporate faxing. Those plans also allow you to add an additional fax number  for $4.95. International rates vary, but seem reasonable as compared with some other services, ranging from 5 cents a page for most of Europe and Asia to $1.85 a page for islands in the South Pacific.

Free Trial: There's no free trial for SRFax's $3.29-per-month basic plan, but both the $6.95 and $9.95 plans offer generous 60-day free trials, the longest of any services we reviewed. Be aware that the trial limits you to a maximum of 20 outbound faxes a day plus unlimited inbound faxes.


To sign up, you'll choose whether you want a toll-free fax or a local fax number. The local fax options appear limited by comparison to other services. You pick from a drop-down menu of cities and the available area code for that city, not by your actual area code. This approach proved more kludgey than just typing in a desired area code; and, we found examples where SRFax sometimes listed a city, while other times it listed a county.

Once you choose the area code, you get a choice of three numbers in that area code. You then enter your email, password and company name, and check whether the fax number will be used for personal health info. (That's presumably related to HIPPA compliance.) Add billing information, choose whether you want to add full-text searching of incoming faxes for an extra $1, and then you're done. SRFax uses your email and password generated during the sign-up process as your login information.

File Support

SRFax supports 104 file formats. That's one the widest variety of formats supported among these services. SRFax also supports content inside of a .zip archive, which is uncommon.


SRFax's web-based interface is clean yet text-centric and to the point — refreshingly different from rival services. You log in, and you pop directly into the My Account tab that shows your account information, including a status bar that shows how many pages you've used so far. The rest of the options are presented in clean text at the top of the page, with borderless tabs for Faxes, Settings, My Account and Support.

Send a Fax is the first option under the Faxes tab. Again, the interface is straightforward: Select the sender, the type of fax (single or broadcast), the destination, add an internal reference number if desired, add a cover page and upload files. The maximum size of each attachment is 50MB; you can attach as many documents as you'd like (though that could make it harder to figure out what documents got sent successfully if there's a transmission problem).

SRFax offers options that most other fax services do not. Of the ones we looked at, SRFax is the only one that clearly allows fax broadcasting. And while Nextiva vFax also has fax scheduling, SRFax offers more flexibility and lets you schedule by both date and time.

You can add a cover page. To customize a cover page, you'll need to go into the Settings tab. And SRFax is HIPAA-compliant and can work with PGP-encrypted email, if you need those levels of protection.

The Faxes Received and Faxes Sent tabs share the same straightforward presentation. You can sort by date, either within a chosen month or within all faxes. The neat, linear style is easy to read and provides a filter for searches. Detailed fax-viewing options also include separate sections for junk faxes, faxes queued and log reports — a level of detail most of the competition doesn't get into.

The level of detail available in SRFax is uncommon, making it a good choice for business users or those who like a lot of customization.

Dig around the Settings tab, and you'll find a plethora of controls that are not commonly found for fax services. You can choose your format for email notifications, pick between PDF and TIFF for the fax attachment file delivery, and even set how many default retries should happen when sending a fax. The level of detail available in SRFax is uncommon, making it a good choice for business users or those who like a lot of customization.

Another point in SRFax's favor: It offers a dedicated printer driver download for use with Windows. While very prosaic in appearance, this handy .exe file lets you add SRFax as a print option from any Windows application that allows you to print. This unique feature was very handy, even if it requires multiple steps should you want to add multiple fax numbers or a cover page.

Mobile Apps

SRFax lacks a dedicated mobile app. But at least the web-based service has a responsive design, so it works well on any mobile platform. I tried SRFax on an iPhone 6s Plus using the Safari browser, and had no problems logging in and sending a fax. You can do almost everything you could in a dedicated app — view faxes and forward — though, I couldn't manage to download a fax on iOS.

Bottom Line

SRFax is uncommonly rich in features and flexibility. The interface is clean, if not graphically pretty. I liked how it handled, and how it easily reported information. It's a strong option for individuals as well as businesses.

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  • dalewb
    A very quick Google search for "Metrofax review" reveals this site, , where users report abysmal service and impossibility to cancel accounts. Apparently *something* happened mid-2014 and the company suddenly began having serious issues not only with its faxing service but its customer service. I just tried to contact customer service through their online chat and waited for 15 minutes before giving up. I think you guys should revisit this article in light of the serious degradation in Metrofax's performance.
  • terryddc
    People need to be VERY Leary of MyFax. They are not a BBB registered company because their customer support center is based in Canada. If you have a complaint like I did..Good luck getting it resolved. Here is my personal consumer review of the nonsense I had to deal with using MyFax:

    My family and I started MyFax service when we were in transition from one home to another. We were stuck in a Cable service issue because of something the previous owner of the house we purchased did. Until it was straightened out (90 days) we could not get cable services (TV, Phone, internet). We researched and My fax was not top choice but the affordable one. Their customer service STINKS! Their user policies are horrific. They are nothing but another greedy non-american based company (Canada is their call center). I tried several times to cancel my account over the past few months. Then two months would pass and charges would show up on the credit card statement again. I would call and speak to a rep who assure me the account was cancelled. Then a few months later there were the charges! I most recently tried to cancel this January only get charged AgaIn in the same month! Then I was charged AGAIN in Feb 8, 2015!!! I called to cancel the account AGAIN! The two reps I spoke to essentially blamed me for the issue. They indicated that since I could not provide case numbers and log numbers or the exact representatives names (btw no call center rep ever gives real name) they were not willing to refund any of the charges..but..would cancel the account. They said if I could provide the EVIDENCE of cancellation they might consider refunding one month. SERIOUSLY? As if I were trying to cheat them out of $10?! I said to the reps (again) I had been trying to cancel the account for several months. Once more they tried to blame me and said they had no record of my ever calling. However, during one prolonged debate one of the reps let it slip that they had indeed tried to contact me because 1/08/5 charges were declined..YES! Because I had cancelled the account! They sent me an email to an old email address asking me to give them a new card number. I ignored it because I figured I had closed the account once and for all. HOWEVER, their finance department submitted the charge again..and it went through 1/23/15..despite their asking for a different form of payment (to me proof that I had cancelled the account -when the charge was decline!). Unfortunately, my credit card company informed me that once a merchant has your credit card information it is difficult to block them unless you change your account number..So thanks you jerks at Myfax..TODAY TO AVOID These IDIOTS charging me in the future...I had to close my credit card account (one I had for 10 years!) and open a brand new account..Now I have to wait 5-7 business days for a new CC to be issued. The rep that told me about the charges being declined ..but them pushed through on 1/08 and 1/23 and 2/08..even said "that's odd you would be charged twice in one month" but then had a lame excuse that the 1/08/15 charge was declined and would show as a refund on my feb statement. WELL NOT SO! INSTEAD I WAS CHARGED AGAIN IN FEB FOR A SERVICE I SUPPOSEDLY CANCELLED. I tried to speak to a supervisor. She indicated that unless I had case numbers, contact names, and log numbers she would not submit my request for a refund. I even said "well i would be willing to accept a refund of the february charges..since I cannot provide ALL the exact details you are requesting..that is only$10" To which she stated "our finance department will not permit refunds based upon the consumer simply telling us they were erroneously charged. You need to provide us with proof." I told her they had proof right in front of them with the declined charge in January that demonstrated the account had been closed"..finally I gave up..after being on hold for 10 minutes to get a rep, a debate with one for 15 minutes, on hold again for 10 minutes, and then a argumentative arrogant supervisor for another 5 minutes...I just have had it and will chock this up to a lesson learned. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • laruib
    Be VERY careful with metrofax. They DO NOT notify you when your account is due to renew. They just charge your card for another year even if you don't want to continue the service they won't do anything. I would never use metrofax again! Got many unwanted faxes trying to sell me stuff!
  • SmiTTTen
    In the interest of full disclosure, I do business with Concord Fax. I will say that their service is what they say it is and their support is superb. Anyway, worth a look if you're interested.
  • karen64
    I don't see it listed as an option but just in case, DO NOT use - I had them for a year and went to renew online only to find out that they had given my number "mistakenly" to another customer! I have been waiting for a week for them to contact the "new owner" and ask them if they can give it back to me??? What? I am the original owner. Shouldn't they be giving them a new number and giving me back the one I have on business cards, my website, registration forms, etc? Unbelievable. And the customer service is as bad as their business. No one seems to think this is a big deal. Online fax company. Business plan? 1) Sell fax numbers; 2) Don't sell the same number to more than one organization!
  • California_1
    Metrofax used to be a good provider until another company, J2 Global, took over. Since then, my experience with them has never been the same, and not in a good way. They told me I had a trial period, which they emailed me for payment before it was up. My account online said I had a $0 balance, so what's up with that? Before I knew it, they decided to tag on a late fee because I failed to pay before my account was even due. Let's put it this way, I paid them to get away from them and to never hear from them again. They seemed like a bunch of thieves. I will NEVER EVER use Metrofax again.
  • shipdog711
    I use free FaxZero. Very simple to use. S o far has never failed me. I am talking about someone who only faxes once a month.
  • Comissha is an amazing service with AWESOME customer service.
  • KC____
    I've been using Ringcentral Fax since 2006.Started well but over the years Ringcentral upgrades have continued to remove existing features that made their product useful.

    I have actually been using a version that is several years old since the newer versions remove those features and now I have been forced to upgrade. What have I lost? 1) Local copy of faxes received and sent (I had years of history, very helpful) 2) Easy ability to resubmit faxes locally 3) Ability to locally change the name of the sender (so I could send with the owner's name instead of mine or with our other company's name) 4) The ability to enter the recipient's company name and individual's name on the fax cover sheet.

    Now I can only enter the phone number.I can no longer recommend this product and I'm looking for a new alternative.
  • mcbakewl
    I rarely send or receive faxes, but wanted to keep a reliable option available for those rare occasions. Did some research and just today signed up with FAXAGE. Chose their LITE package for $3.49/mo + $0.05/minute for in- or outbound faxes.

    Initial setup revealed an odd problem receiving from (but not sending to) eFax. (Dreadful company, eFax.) Within an hour FAXAGE tech support had identified and resolved the problem.

    No mobile app means only that way to send from an iPhone is Email to Fax, but that works fine too.

    Nice surprise was when the FAXAGE signup routine invited me to choose a phone number from a long list of options within my own area code.

    So, so far so good.
  • mcbakewl
    Apologies for the typo:

    No mobile app means only way to send from an iPhone is Email to Fax, but that works fine too.
  • Patrick_64
    Customer service with Metrofax is a complete fraud.
    Forget customer service with these guys. I am now at the end of month TWO trying to port a number with these guys. I have called EVERY DAY (Monday thru Friday) for three weeks, and gotten a different excuse as to what the problem is. This is the FOURTH time they have asked me to send the same information.

    I am a computer consultant for 30 years and this is the poorest customer service I have seen in my life. Do yourself a favor and read almost all of the other reviews here (almost all negative) and believe them. I have spent over 30 hours trying to resolve this, and now found out that they did the same mistake from the beginning. This has cost my customer OVER $400 dollars. Think I am exaggerating? Google “metrofax reviews” and see for yourself.
  • Peter_162
    babyTEL gives you encrypted fax that you can access anywhere. The encryption is so strong that it's approved for health and financial records.
  • livingandlearning
    Hi. I have used sFax for several years as a low fax volume small business owner. I find sFax to be difficult to use. For years sFax was upgrading to a new format. I had many problems sending a fax because the fax would sit in the outbox for hours while other higher priority faxes from other businesses would take up the fax times. I am now seeking a less expensive fax option. The one truth about sFax is that not one time in those years did I receive any unwanted faxes from marketing companies. The other parts of the review about sFax is true. sFax has come a long way from where it began. I am not discouraging its use, just letting the small low volume business owners know that you must really want to pay extra for the "security" features to choose sFax. I thought I was getting a better product, but I was paying yearly for a service that I rarely used. At most I faxed 5 times in a year. If you are a small business owner who rarely faxes, save the money or donate it to a worthy cause. Choose a different less expensive plan. Thank you for the review. I will try one of the options and see how it works for my small business.
  • ajm_fencepost
    As of summer, 2016 Maxemail has been purchased by j2, the same company that has earned such a terrible reputation with eFax (and which in recent years has purchased and ruined the reputations of Metrofax and MyFax). Basically, j2/eFax now owns at least 4 online fax companies, 3 of which were well-reviewed here but which comments indicate have gone downhill.

    If you need send-only, at least two of the companies listed here have cheap send-only options that basically let you pre-pay for a pool of pages or minutes for sending. If you need low-volume receiving of faxes as well, you're probably going to be looking at Nextiva's vFax for $5/month (prepaid annually, it's $9/month paid monthly).
  • Mtnmann
    For very occasional home use to receive faxes (fax to email,) I was paying $14.95 annually to Maxemail. Now with the purchase by J2/eFax, the new rate would be $85 annual when my subscription expires. I will cancel that. If you know of other services for inbound fax to email at or near my former Maxemail annual cost, please post here.
  • Tom4palms
    We have used RapidFax since 2008 and the charges are getting too much and the terms are not clear. We need to keep our number. HOW??
  • Francis Jacob
    I HATE a monthly fee to fax! Allow me to buy in bulk or pay as I go! I don't fax enough to warrant monthly faxing yet very few provide a la carte faxing. That's why FaxZero wins in my book. Your rating is way too low...
  • Light_CC
    Nextiva service works well. Cannot cancel through online login. Cannot reach customer service to cancel. Need to go direct to my credit card company. Similar to description of inability to cancel service on Metrofax above - are they the same service, or several of these owned by the same place? Either unethical or incompetent or both.