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Concept Gadget Could be the Best Gift for Women

It doesn't take much to understand a common feminine struggle: digging into a handbag for your keys becomes next to impossible at night, especially if said bag doubles as a carryall. The Bulbo harness however promises to light the dark, and banish the problem of locating items within a handbag forever.

The harness is pretty simple, structure-wise. It's essentially a long strip of silicone with ball and string attached to the bulbous end. The flat part, which features a row of bright LED lights, lines the side and bottom of the handbag, while the thick end and ball hang on the outside.

As the owner sashays down the street or hall, the ball swings back and forth generating kinetic energy the harness stores in its internal battery. To illuminate the inside of the handbag, the user simply pushes the on-off button off the thick end, facilitating item retrieval.

The Bulbo harness does have its limitations though. On bags full of old receipts, keepsakes and other womanly paraphernalia, the lights may not shine through. Lighting up the bag may also create unnecessary attention, especially when activated in very dark areas.

Yet the simplicity of the concept is quite endearing, especially for women who spend time daily clawing through their handbag's contents. Let's hope the creation of Italian designer Nicole Osella enjoys a push towards a market debut.

Bulbo harnesses piezoelectric energy to illuminate your bag in the dark