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The Perfect Shirt For Portal Fans

Ben Heck is widely known as the modder's modder, a man who could probably beat Macgyver at his own game. He gained fame for kitbashing an old Gateway LCD display and an Xbox into a portable game console, and man, it's sweet. His latest creation is a tribute to iconic videogame Portal. So what does it do? It lets you see through the guy's shirt, and not get a glimpse of chest hair.

Heck built this out of a spare shirt, a tiny LCD monitor and a pinhole camera. The camera's mounted on the back, and feeds the image to the LCD in front. He's not exactly a fashion designer, so the whole thing has a rough, DIY feel to it, but it gets the job done. You get the illusion that there's a tiny oval hole on his chest, possibly left by some mute lab experiment in her attempts to escape a rogue AI, and its false promises of confectionary delight. 

Head over to Ben Heck's blog to catch as he makes sure the science gets done. For the good in all of us, of course. Except the ones who are dead.

[source Ben Heck via The escapist magazine]